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Art Investment Funds in a Nutshell

Art investment is an unique category in asset allocation. According to the UBS Global Family Office report 2023, Art allocation represents around 1% of the family office portfolios, while 14% of the family offices look into increase the art and antiques allocation in the coming year. Moreover, given its low correlation to the traditional asset class, it usually a great hedge of the inflation and recession. Besides economic value, art investment has its uniqueness in wealth management, such as: culture heritage, philanthropy strategy, estate planning, etc.

Art invesment fund initiated from France in 1900s and has been evolving from the 2000s. Fintech and blockchain technology that democratize the private investment fund opens the possibility to include this asset class into everyone’s wallet.

We will explore this subject with historical cases in France, British, China, and modern cases in USA from the following aspects: History; Tech meets Art Investment Fund; Risks; Indicators and Art Index; Structure and Regulation.

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July 2023 published on medium. All rights reserved.
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