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I have 14 years of wealth management experience in China, US and France. I am specialised in making investment decisions by observing macro-economic trend. I am also a strong believer in long term investment, while balancing the portfolio risk in a reasonable range. 


I've caught opportunities of 2006 bull market in China, 2009 bottom point after financial crisis. 2014 US technology equity, 2016 cryptocurrency market, while managed portfolios for HNWIs.

Although I was professionally educated in Finance and Economics from world prestigious universities, I seldom follow the conventional approaches.  I believe buying assets is the same philosophy as shopping clothes, you should feel confident and be yourself with your wealth management strategy. In my opinion, in stead of "making money", wealth management is an art of "spending money".

While not managing client's money directly anymore, I hope to share my knowledge and help clients to find a financial life style fits them the best, eventually encouraging them to make wise decision by themselves.

I am interested in learning ancient history/art and collecting antiques. I am also the founder of Ranadu, the virtual museum for traditional crafts in Paris.

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